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Frittelli Maritime Group.

Frittelli Maritime Group Spa is a maritime company based in Ancona, Italy. The Group is the result of the merger of Frittelli SpA (1903) into Maritime Agency SpA (1986), which blended together the long experience and tradition of the first with the dynamic efficiency of the second. Frittelli SpA operates in the sector of general, customs and foreign goods warehousing, loading and unloading containers and loose goods, brokerage of tramp and contract ships. Maritime Agency SpA quickly acquired a large market share in the sector of passenger and vehicle traffic, and represents the leading container companies.      +   

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Alberto Rossi participates in "The blue Way” digital assembly

ANCONA, 1 SEPTEMBER 2020 - Alberto Rossi will be participating in "The blue way" digital assembly organised by the University of Macerata in collaboration with the Port Authority System of the Central Adriatic Sea, live on the Facebook page of Tipicità, on Tuesday, 1 September, at 5.30 in the afternoon

Conferenza stampa FMG Logistics

Frittelli Maritime Group inaugurates “FMG LOGISTICS"

ANCONA, 15 JULY 2020 - The Group is unveiling the largest structure in the port area, a multi-purpose and technologically state-of-the-art warehouse. Located close to the most important quay in the Port of Ancona (quay 26), the warehouse will house the “FMG LOGISTICS” Division and will be dedicated to goods being imported and exported in containers or “general cargo” ships.

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Connections with Albania

Adria Ferries is a leading company in the sea transport industry in Adriatic sea: The company connects the main Adriatic ports with Durrës with daily sailings from Trieste, Ancona or Bari.

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Parking Services

Frittelli Maritime offers a valet parking service by special arrangement for the guests of Costa Crociere and MSC.

The service is also available
during holidays and weekends

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Sustainable Development

Because of the progressive change seen in the Earth's weather environmental considerations must become a key factor for the policies of any company. The result of a clear environmental awareness, FMG Spa has decided to develop its activities and polices in a sustainable and environmentally careful manner.


Tirana Business Matching will take place in Tirana on the 26th and 27th october, 2017. Tirana Business Matching comes for the first time in Albania, to transform the capital into the metropolis of international business. This worldwide activity will be focused on foreign direct investments and partnerships between international business representatives and albanian companies. 


Information Technology

FMG Spa believes that an efficient IT structure is essential in a competitive market. In recent years, it implemented a sophisticated ERP system to operate with maximum flexibility and speed. Based on market-leading technology platforms and redundant connections and servers, this system provides 24/7 operativity every single day of the year. An indispensable requirement for our activity.


AEO Certification

On 30/08/2017 Frittelli Maritime Group has obtained the AEOS 17 1342 certification, which has been effective since 04/09/2017.

ISO 9001:2008 Certification

The Quality Management System of Frittelli Maritime Group has been in compliance with ISO 9001: 2008 .  

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